WhatsApp Clarifies Updated Privacy Policy

WhatsApp Clarifies Updated Privacy Policy, Regular Chat Data won’t be Shared

WhatsApp-Updated It’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Services :

WhatsApp Clarifies Updated Privacy Policy, Regular Chat Data won’t be Shared. WhatsApp have been updated in terms of its privacy policy and bring out the silent change this week in terms of the privacy and safety of the users. WhatsApp have merged with the third-party service providers Facebook and currently shares certain categories of information with Facebook companies which includes your transactional data, account registration information, service-related information and personal information you interact with your businesses. WhatsApp has changed its privacy to promote integrity, safety and security among Facebook company products. Further, they informed android and iPhone users through app sending in app notification to its users and informing them about the change on Tuesday. It is a mandatory update user can either accept the new terms and policy to continue using the app or delete their accounts. The new terms and policy will come into effect on February 8, 2021.

The policy mentions that WhatsApp will collect data such as battery level, signal strength version, browser information etc. WhatsApp will use Facebook’s global infrastructure and data centers, including those in US, to store user data. If someone’s only deletes the WhatsApp from their device without using in app delete my account feature, then that user’s information will remain store with the platform. WhatsApp has rolled out payments in India and other countries, it’s not surprising to see this part of the privacy policy expanding further. Facebook stands at 28% of the digital and market and now it is in process of monetizing WhatsApp, it will actually help them acquire around 40%-45% market share breaking with GOOGLE monopoly. From the past few days, users are continuously receiving in-app notifications from the WhatsApp about the new privacy policy and terms. If you won’t agree to this, you cannot use what’s app. It looks like the app is now going to share the data with its parent company Facebook and their third-party applications so as to promote the paid listed products in these platforms. This will a huge queen bee moment to protect her hive! Organizations must do all that they can ensure protection to their people, despite the comfort of large sweeping cult-like service like WhatsApp, it’s a great time to project learnings towards ethics while displaying the internal and moral compass. People will require some time to accept the change as at this point of time both Facebook and WhatsApp have become utilities so embedded in our lives that it will take an extraordinary amount of effort and conscious choice by millions to drive any sudden change. Angry users of WhatsApp are left annoyed after knowing the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp and started switching to telegram as they felt it better in terms of privacy and security. As Telegram offers end to end encryptions for chats, and provide a better option called ‘secret chats’. Further telegram is a cloud based so, all your media, files and documents are adjusted across your registered devices and telegram cloud storage. One more advantage of telegram over WhatsApp is that telegram users can send defile up to 1.5GB while WhatsApp restricts videos, photos and document type files. Through telegram we can communicate worldwide with anyone even if we don’t have the contact number.

WhatsApp’s official Statement shared by The Verge:

“As we announced in October, WhatsApp wants to make it easier for people to both make a purchase and get help from a business directly on WhatsApp. While most people use WhatsApp to chat with friends and family, increasingly people are reaching out to businesses as well. To further increase transparency, we updated the privacy policy to describe that going forward businesses can choose to receive secure hosting services from our parent company Facebook to help manage their communications with their customers on WhatsApp. Though of course, it remains up to the user whether or not they want to message with a business on WhatsApp.
The update does not change WhatsApp’s data sharing practices with Facebook and does not impact how people communicate privately with friends or family wherever they are in the world. WhatsApp remains deeply committed to protecting people’s privacy. We are communicating directly with users through WhatsApp about these changes so they have time to review the new policy over the course of the next month.”

Image Credit : WhatsApp

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