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We at Page 3 Digital Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd. primarily is engaged extensively in the business of glamorizing the presence of Bollywood celebrities. This serves the purpose of marking their presence more elegant and aesthetical than anything else. This up the ante their dignified persona and showcase a 360 degree insight of their personality to the masses at large....We are engaged with writing content for these celebs on the issues pervading us – be it Local, National or International in vernaculars, Hindi, English or foreign language depending upon the need. We provide the best of all platforms where our clients can communicate and interact socially to the communities and masses at large. Not only this, we tailor these content in form of aiding it with the attractive picture, videos, graphics, GIFs & memes to meet relevancies and necessity. We serve our clients with need-based audio-visual communication content like TV commercials, documentary, corporate films which gives them the opportunity to augment their presence and reach in a much interactive and professional manner. (As a matter of fact, we by ourselves are involved in every stage of production right from scripting to production to post-production). This in a way makes them look more vibrant and dynamic and sets them apart from the league. Moreover we believe in sublimating the presence of customers in digital media by fabricating for them finesse work of art in form of websites (of any size, level, feature, static or dynamic) and ravishing Mobile applications that awestruck our clients and captivates their clients in an unrivaled virtual experience which is synergized with the pool of content and information you assert of. We also customize these online media content (web, digital, social, internet & new media) into offline mediums the need of which comply the client’s demand. We are into artist/celebrity management and dig our best to venerate their presence on social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn & Pinterest. Henceforth we believe in providing a digital platform where you can connect, socialize and trend in the ways enumerable. It goes without saying that we are visionary who tediously strive to achieve perfection. We venture and capitalize on client’s hope to overwhelmingly ‘transform’ his presence.

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  • Celebrity Management .
  • Event Management.
  • Audio-Video Production.
  • Digital Media Marketing.


To mark your presence on digital media premises is tantamount to promulgate diverse versions of yourself

Digital world has thus become a most significant platform where presence is exhibited, impressions are made and awareness is propagated. The so termed “social” in social media has moved beyond the dimensions of being social anymore and that it encompasses “commercial” significantly. Your friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram dictate your presence and that having a domain name for a website more than a rudimentary requisite for a business.

Thus the social media channels like FB, Twitter, and Instagram which were originally meant to connect lives now concoct the humongous turns of happening. In fact, you can’t find machinery so apt that furbishes your ‘character’ to seek your ‘commercial interests’.



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  • They never let you down and give you all the reasons to back upon their unique approaches & style to get it all done.
    Hon. Anup Jalota ji


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