Business Opportunity in the Field of Social / Digital Media

Digital Media Presence Management is the Need of the Hour today and Every Worthwhile Individual or Organisation needs it badly.

And there is Scarcity of competent, fully equipped agencies in bigger towns and in smaller towns there are NO organised agencies at all…

Many Individuals (who are either Graphic Designers or a little Digital Literate Enthusiastic young chaps (Novices)) have been taking care of social media presence of most of our Prospective Clients as of now recklessly/Irresponsibly, who would not even understand the word ‘Aesthetics’ ; they literally steal the language/content from bigger pages; they commit unpardonable mistakes; Relevance is something they would not know the Importance of; Since they make Posts after they see those kinds of posts on bigger accounts and they copy, they are always late; They simply make posts of contemporary days (Birthdays/Anniversaries/Days/Festivals ) only and believe their Job is done for the day, they would never Participate in Trends, Their Designs would be Pathetic, ….and this all makes sure that there is Huge Huge Huge Potential for you there..So! So! So!
I was wanting to say that if you are a ‘Page3 Digital’ Trained Business Partner, the Huge Potential and Many Clients are waiting for you to start and take care of their accounts…

We will train you strong enough so that you would be able to handle 20+ Clients on your own as a One Man Agency, Just with help of One or Two Smart Phones and a Laptop😊 And Earn upto 1 Lacs Per Month…

We at Page3 Digital strongly believe that this Industry is going to grow like anything in coming years and a Majority of Prospective Clients are not even aware of what benefits they may get once they make themselves actively available online.

And thousands of new Social Media Agencies will come into existence and all will flourish like anything.

Amidst such a great promising business arena, we also plan to increase our footprints all over the Nation and are intending to Partner with like-minded Individuals who feel that Digital Media is their bit and are willing to do it as a business through franchising.

We are all set to equip/train our franchisee partner to be able to stand in the Market and earn good amount of Money and Fame for himself/herself with one time Initial training and then regular Trainings, Ongoing Support, Ready Content and Designs, Opportunity to Participate in National/International Meets/Expositions/Conferences/Seminars/Fairs …etc.

For More Details or a One-O-One Appointment, You may Please call Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Franchisee Development Manager at 7771007100