What if there was no communication

The basic tenant of our existentialities is the act of “communicating”. To communicate is to endorse your values, ideas, and beliefs. The basic indices of every rationales and reasonability that has ever existed pertain communication as the pivotal and inevitable factor. Communication is an actor, driver, force and an institution in itself that has given forth the innumerable theories. Moreover, the fizz is in the fact that these theories are in itself the by-product of communication and this blog is brought to you by one such communication process. To elucidate the importance of communication is to communicate. At the mercy of all the communication lies that had taken place lies the mercy of nature.

Call it the transaction of time that tools, forms, meaning and advent of communication have evolved up to the level that they dictate supremacy of all contained factors to inhibit the existentialities of the time. Communication is an art, your approach, intention & deliberation underscores the success of communication on part of the sender. On the part of receiver his intention, will, and ability are the conglomerate to make the communication successful. The age of click stakes the altogether different dimensions to the age of communication. Configuring these nuances and dimensions to utilize them to the best of ability is to put one’s hands on surrealism and intrigue them all with finesse is all that the game is about.

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