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Traditional doesn’t mean less effective. In fact, it means tried and true. Page 3 Digital believes in exploring traditional marketing mediums that have been in use since the mid-19th century in new and innovative ways to give your brand a wider reach. Our goal is to find the right type of traditional media for your brand depending on the demographic you’re trying to reach, the message you want to convey, and the budget you have for it.

Page 3 Digital uses the traditional media for your brand to generate leads, build visibility, share your message and/or drive specific promotions. We believe they are especially helpful when you use them in conjunction with other media in a larger campaign.

We understand the strengths and limitations of traditional media, and use them effectively in campaigns to drive awareness and response for your brand. As a step 2, we test your campaigns to improve over time and measure the campaigns to the best of your brand’s ability. Lastly, we measure the value of brand-building, adjust the ROI calculations and incorporate an allowance for that value as well.

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