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Often a political leader’s life is overshadowed by the greys of the world of politics. The online world can be more cruel than the real world, as the universe of world wide web is far more chaotics & bewitching! And your IMAGE is everything, you cannot leave it & your entire Election Campaign or Plan may go down in the drain. Perhaps the Media houses will help you to filter the news, your PR monitor the negatives but online- each individual has a voice you cannot control, suppress or even know if they are for real or your competitor is spamming your reputation by FAKE accounts.

How can you tune their response into positive?

Can you gather Voter/Support Online?

What is harm of bad online reputation?

Is social Media Campaigning important for Politicians?

So how would you know what people are talking about you on internet?

And so many other tough questions, doubts about Political Reputation Management & Digital Marketing manifest in your mind!

The answer is strategic positioning of a leader as political Leader in the online world, through long term Political Reputation management. You need a KINGMAKER, a digital marketing agency that can transform your Political ambition into reality, an agency that helps you to rule the world of internet, you need Page3 Digital- a leading political reputation management company in India, with dedicated teams, tailored strategies incubated for a celebrity, politician and vivid range of other complimentary (Leader, celebrity) politician reputation management services. Online Reputation Management is a long term plan, needs patience & 24*7 dedication, availability, wit & expertise. At Page3 Digital, we understand Politics, live by your expectation by making your success our personal goal!

What You Need

Proactive Team

Timely Analysis

Strategic Planning

Regular Monitoring

Controlled Reporting

Syncing your real world campaign with online

Making your Statements, Content Viral, Hashtag strategy

Tailored Plan for Owned Media, Paid Media & Earned Media Online

Scanning & Recording People’s feedback, emotions & Regulating online bad publicity

Social Media Management- with proper schedule & impromptu encashing of trends

Online Image Management with owned media- i.e your website, various pages & authentic handles on Social media