Master Franchisee

Franchise Business Opportunity-Page3 Digital

If you are a Powerful or a State Level Politician …

or If You are into Government Contracts or into Liasoning …

or If you do any business across your state or Pan-India…

Or If you are a Religious or a Social State level Leader..

Or if you are a State Level Media Tycoon…

This is the Best fit for you…

Not only Monetary Gains but A Collective Invaluable Strength shall be an added advantage of this Master franchisee business..

You can do it with Just an Investment of a few Minutes a day… It could literally be A Part time Business.

You simply have to Identify, Refer and Appoint franchisees ( Digital Media Professionals) all across your state territory with your Network. However We will train and equip you to do so. and everything else is our responsibility. We only will train, lead and support them in all ways. …

We will help them grow n earn professionally and in an highly organised manner, wherein Just one of your employees may take care of accounts and everything.

By becoming the Master Franchisee for your state, you have Opportunities of earning following additional benefits besides 10% of the Initial Franchisee fees :

1. You will get 10% of Monthly Renewal fees.

2. You will have the Oppprtuntity n support to Open a Big level Social Media Agency on the Name of Page3 Digital in the biggest city of your state or in the city of your choice in India with our Support.

3. Only Master Franchisees will be supplied the leads of Bigger Social Media Accounts of their Region and will be given the Opportunity to Pitch and handle them on their own. And the Monetary Gains will obviously be theirs.

4. A Leader Status in the Region under the banner of Page3 Digital, which may produce various Indirect benefits.

5. Opportunity to attend the National Level Meets and Conferences.

6. Ample Opportunity to grow as A Professional.

….what else!!!

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