Mark your artistic presence

The word artistry has its meanings and interpretations changed in the age perhaps which helms the reign of Social Networking Websites and Applications to address every major happening throughout the globe. Taboos and stereotypes all that compounded the concepts of surrealism are avalanched with the revolution of the internet and they are headed towards emancipation. The word Surreal which originally is referred to as bizarre and weird has altogether acclaimed a proposition for artistry and is widely engrossing users on Instagram and Facebook with different hashtags.

The feed of Instagram & Snapchat apart from being coalesced of memories and moments now also flaunt the ingenuity of the users who are a writer, photographer, singers, dancers, bloggers & vloggers. This has given a momentum to the movement where clichés find itself no stake and the world at large is heading towards being a painting that ascribes strokes of different colors of varied size and shape.

To cajole your presence in social networking platforms it has rather become rather a rudimentary requisite to gratify your audience with the content that astounds them with your feed and makes you vulnerable for random profile visits to gradually captivate and spellbound them to follow you ultimately. Hence at the age when the world is driven by callousness to adore only the glorious, it becomes imperative to look a fledged art lover and emerge jubilant at least on the networking platforms. Showcase your love for nature and write down by liners as an ardent devotee for principles of life.

Expression henceforth isn’t any belief or emotion anymore; rather it has become a corollary to enshrine upon the adjudicating force of your persona in an age that transcends all the boundaries to go an extra edge to make personalities whimsical and this place a better one to live in.

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