Aamir Khan Generously Passed on his Dream Project Mahabharat to Shah Rukh Khan

Aamir Khan Generously Passed on his Dream Project Mahabharat to Shah Rukh Khan

S S Rajamouli can exhale easy. When Aamir Khan last spoke to him he seemed somewhat concerned about Aamir Khan. He is recently directing screen genre of the Mahabharat.

After almost 2 years of meticulous research on the subject and determination to rule the epical history. Aamir Khan has decided to suspend his plan for making Mahabharat, at least for this moment.

Aamir Khan could not afford to determine his two years of his life to make Mahabharat web series.

The sources also reveal that, He needs to quickly announce his existence in a big star covered featured movie. The director also says that, adding this decision to reserve Mahabharat is not any kind of business.

Further, Aamir Khan also says that this is not the right time to make Mahabharat. There were many unappetizing controversies surrounding this venture.

Interestingly, Aamir Khan has been chosen for astronaut Rakesh Sharma documentary film. He has concentrated on his visionary project the Mahabharat. But, Aamir Khan has liberally passed on the Rakesh Sharma biopic project to Shah Rukh Khan.

The sources also inform that, Aamir has decided to wait for a better time to make the Mahabharat. He had set 2019-2020 aside for the project. But when it did not transpire for various reasons he went forward and signed various featured movies. Some of them are Moghul and Lal Singh Chaddha. He will finish these projects, and then he will sign Mahabharat.

Image Credit : Filmfare.com