Tony Kakkar’s Upcoming Song Tera Suit featuring Aly Goni with his ladylove Jasmin Bhasin

Tony Kakkar’s Upcoming Song Tera Suit featuring Aly Goni with his ladylove Jasmin Bhasin

Big Boss 14 finalist Aly Goni has sprinkled love for his girlfriend Jasmin Bhasin on his private Instagram account. He also shared a beautiful couple picture with Jasmin. He wrote a lovey dovey caption and the actress Jasmin has given an instant respond. Jasmin and Aly were seen together in Salman Khan’s reality show Big Boss 14.

Delighted Jasly fans are eagerly waiting for Tony Kakkar’s upcoming song Tera Suit. Aly Goni is all set to romance with his lady love Jasmin Bhasin in the song. The announcement was made this morning. Jasmin Bhasin shared the first banner of the song featuring Aly and Tony along with her.

The actress has shoot up the excitement of all fans. She made the announcement and sharing the poster on social media. Jasmin also wrote, and the surprise is Tera Suit featuring Aly Goni, Tony Kakkar and Jasmin Bhasin

The song will release on March 8, 2021.

The poster looks mesmerizing with Jasmin get into a police officer’s uniform with holding stick in her hand. While in the song, Aly is seen flourishing lots of money and turning his cool swag on. Tony is also seen in the banner.

The song is produced by Anshul Garg under Desi Music Factory’s label music and lyrics by Tony Kakkar.

Last week, Jasmin and Aly travelled to Jammu to meet the actor’s family. After the Salman Khan show’s finale and to hoop in his big day on February 25.

Aly and Jasmin has realized their love for each other during their stretch on Salman’s reality show Big Boss 14. 

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