Keeping in mind every young talent looking to make his/her career in Digital Media, we have created comprehensive courses that ensures complete knowledge of the field. The aim here is to give every young mind and in depth understanding of the various aspects of Digital Marketing in order to help them understand where their interest truly lies.

Our meticulously planned courses include detailed syllabus of :

  • Research
  • Writing (Content Writing, Creative Writing, Blog Writing, Punchline Writing, Song Writing, Script Writing, etc.)
  • Designing (2D Design, 3D Design, Web Design, Audio/ Video Design)
  • Social Media Optimization ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (On-Page, Off-Page)
  • Paid Campaigns ( Facebook Ads, Insta Ads, Twitter Campaign, Youtube Campaign, LinkedIn Marketing, Google Adwords)
  • Business Management ( Advertising, Media Budgeting, Media Buying, Media Selling, PR, Corporate Communication, Design and Communication Management, Media Management, Media and Entertainment Business Management)

.. so that every student passes the course with a complete 360 degree knowledge of the industry and is in the right position to choose the role that best suits his/her proficiency and interest.

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