Kashmiriyat: A Short film with a long message

Kashmiriyat, A short film on the subject Kashmir starring Zarina Wahab is not just getting all the love from people but is also receiving amazing reviews from the stalwarts of the film industry. Kashmiriyat is written and directed by Divyansh Pandit and produced by Wild Buffaloes Entertainment and Ashutosh Pandit.

The story revolves around an adoring mother Muneera Anwar (Zarina Wahab) and her son Liyaqat (Naveen Pandit) which encompasses religious, political as well as social conflicts shoot up in the region.

Though Kashmiriyat has a solid packaging about a subject which is now debated for years, it packs content which is already out in many ways. It lacks novelty value and keeps floating in the sea of mediocrity despite Zarina Wahab’s strong support.

Credits- Page 3 Digital

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