Is Sanjay Dutt Back To Shoot for Shamshera?

A few days ago, Sanjay Dutt announced on social media that he is taking a break from work to focus on his health. According to the sources, the actor was battling cancer. From the photos, and videos out from  Lilavati & Nanavati Hospitals, it has been reported that Dutt has made an exception to his break for the movie Shamshera.

Due to the pandemic, every movie has been halted for a minimum of 5-6 months. But now as the shooting resumes and all the actors are going back to work with precautions, Sanjay Dutt seems to be happy and back on set too. We wonder if Baba has recovered from his illness or just being a thorough professional that he is and completing his commitments.

Credits- Page 3 Digital

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